DMCC Mission Statement

The District Military Coordination Committee (DMCC) has been established with the purpose of coordinating, supporting, and aiding the San Diego Military community, encompassing active duty personnel, retirees, veterans, and their families. The DMCC will provide a centralized clearinghouse for District 5340 Rotary club sponsored projects and events impacting the local military community. This clearinghouse will serve to document projects, incentivize expanded activities, provide a model for others to emulate, and offer volunteer opportunities for other clubs in the District.

Beyond the immediate military community, the DMCC extends its assistance to veterans and organizations dedicated to supporting veterans, families, and survivors. A key objective is to heighten awareness within the civilian community regarding the specific needs, issues, and events affecting veterans.

By coordinating upcoming, ongoing events and resources our goal is to create partnerships with community and business leaders, as well as collaborate with other organizations and government departments. By leveraging the collective strength of the community, our aim is to provide unwavering support to veterans facing challenges and address their needs effectively.