The Rotary 5340 District Military Coordinating Committee (DMCC) is proud to be sponsoring the inaugural “Operation Flags for Vets” at Miramar National Cemetery this Memorial Day weekend. In cooperation with the cemetery administration, members of Rotary District 5340 will be placing a small American flag at every gravesite to honor our fallen heroes. This effort is one that the cemetery has no funding or personnel to complete so they are excited to welcome Rotary to what will be a long-term commitment.

We need your help to accomplish this operation!

  • Where: Miramar National Cemetery, 5795 Nobel Dr, San Diego, CA 92122
  • When: On Saturday, May 25th we will start placing flags at 2:30 pm and estimate that it takes less than 4 hours. On Tuesday, May 28th we will start removing flags at 3:00 pm and work until we are done.
  • Who: Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, family, and friends.
  • How many people will it take: We estimate that it will take between 200 and 300 volunteers to place the flags on Saturday and as many as we can get on Tuesday to remove and store them.
  • Extra help needed: 25 section coordinators to assist volunteers by handing out flags and directing placement. If you’re interested in that let us know in the information block on the form.
  • Below is a Volunteer Form to participate. Flags will be placed on the gravestones beginning 2:30 pm on May 25th. Join us on Tuesday, May 28th at 3:00 pm, flags will be bundled and placed in storage boxes for transport to the storage location.

Volunteer Form



When to sign up

We are limiting the number of volunteers to 300 as to not to put a strain on the Miramar National Cemetery, parking, resource, and families that are visiting gravesites during the day. Please sign up early!

Can you send a group from your club

Yes! If your club would like to send a group of people, pick a coordinator, and list the participants in the information block on the form. Look for an email week of May 20th providing details you’ll need to know. This will include a map of the cemetery, your section assignment, information about parking, and any other pertinent data.


There is plenty of parking at the cemetery, but we are encouraging carpooling on the day of the event.


There is no cost for this event! However, since we have committed to conducting it every year, we have arranged for the ability to donate. This would be a great way to participate if you can’t attend. We would appreciate your donation to help start funding to honor the additional 3,000 gravesites that are added annually at Miramar National Cemetery. This means more flag purchases, supplies, and offsite parking transportation as the number of volunteers increase. If you would like to contribute to offset costs, we have included a “DONATION” button on the website. We are thinking “$100 for 100 flags” but any amount is appreciated! We are grateful for those who donate to support this great community service to our military veterans and family members.

Please take a few hours to help us honor our fallen heroes alongside your fellow Rotarians on this most solemn of National Holidays. We know you won’t be sorry.